May 3, 2016

Best Knife Sharpening System 2017 Revealed

A good set of knives can last you for decades, but only if you get a good knife sharpening system to go with it. And you don’t even have to spend a lot on your knife sharpening system—many excellent knife sharpening systems cost less than $10 and the most expensive are only around $150, a small price to pay to prolong the life of your knives.

Best Knife Sharpening System 2016

Check out these awesome knife sharpening systems:

  1. Kitchen IQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

This nifty yet affordable device is small enough to fit just about anywhere. It uses carbide blades to sharpen your knives within a few minutes. People also really appreciate its modern, stylish look which can go with any kitchen décor.

  1. Wrenwane Knife Sharpener

Unlike most of the other sharpeners on this list the Wrenwane Knife Sharpener is designed to be held in your hand while you sharpen knives. It features two settings, one for knives that need a significant amount of sharpening and another for blades that only need a light touch up.

  1. Harcas Knife Sharpener

This is another handheld sharpener with an ergonomic handle that makes it perfect for professionals who need to sharpen their knives regularly. It is designed specifically to sharpen steel blades and will not work on blades with serrated edges.

  1. Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener 204M

If you want a fully manual knife sharpening system that allows you to enjoy the feeling of slowly and carefully sharpening your blades, this is it. The Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener comes with everything you’ll need to sharpen a variety of knives as well as an instructional DVD and guidebook to help you do it properly.

  1. DMT WM8EF-WB 8-Inch Duosharp Plus Bench Stone

Want something even simpler than the Spyderco kit? A sharpening stone is the oldest and most well known method of sharpening your knives. The DMT WM8EF-WB can do multiple types of sharpening depending on which side you use and even has a diamond section in the center for extremely fine blades. It also comes with a variety of accessories including a diamond mesh designed to polish your knives and refine the edges.

  1. Presto 08810 Professional Electric Knife Sharpener

If you want something fully automated that will sharpen your knives properly for you, the Presto 08810 Professional is one of your best options. The Presto 08810 comes with multiple sets of blades and thorough instructions on when to use each set of blades. Stage one gives extremely dull blades an edge while stages two and three refine and fully sharpen the edges of your knives.

  1. Chef’s Choice 130 Professional Knife Sharpening System

This is pretty much the ultimate knife sharpening system, ideal for professionals or anyone else who’s already spent a fortune on a good set of knives. It has three different stages, with stage one being 100% diamond. The final stage is a flexible stropping disk which polishes. It’s also tough enough to sharpen blades with serrated edges.

The truth is most people can get away with using any of these knife sharpening systems and what you use is really about personal preference. Only professionals and people who regularly cook for large families actually need highly portable or electric knife sharpening systems, but they’re fun gadgets for anyone to have.


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