March 27, 2017

Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker Review

Whether you are hoping to stop buying ice for entertaining, camping, fishing or any other reason, or you just prefer to make ice on demand, a compact ice maker is probably on your radar. This Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker is ultra-compact and highly portable, allowing you to make up to 27 pounds of ice per dayIs it the right for your house, boat, RV or camp? For our full Ice Maker Buying guide click here!

Specifications of the Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker-

The Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker is ideally sized for sitting on almost any countertop, the Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker weighs 24 pounds, which is roughly average for the industry. The design is unique, offering three very stylish color options (red, silver or bright white) with color coded keys tucked below a backlit display. The design makes it a relatively discreet option for any space. It stores easily in any household or standard cabinetry, too and does not require any emptying as it fully recycles melted ice back into the enormous 26.5-pound reservoir.

Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker

The unit can hold up to 2.5 pounds of ice before the indicator light ticks on, and there is also a low water indicator to ensure you know when to refill. There are three sizes of ice available, and you can make ice in as little as ten minutes' time. The simple to use control panel features a clock and timer settings is backlit for easy reading and ensures you have ice ready whenever you want or need it. You can also keep an eye on things thanks to the window mounted in the lid. The lift out tray makes it ultra-easy to transfer cubes to a storage container or ice bucket for immediate use.It operates on a standard 115v source, it uses modern compressor refrigeration for the utmost in efficiency and comes with a convenient scoop.

Pros and Cons of the Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker-

The Pros-

  • Automated to a significant degree
  • Offers zero waste as it recycles cubes back into the water in the reservoir
  • Nicely sized and not too heavy as to be awkward to carry when empty
  • One of the easiest to read display panels and entirely customizable operations.
  • Ultra-efficient and alerts you to any need for water or emptying.

The Cons-

  • Heavy when full (Close to 50 pounds)
  • Durability (About 10% of customers claim it stops working before a year after purchase)
  • Ice Melts faster than a second cycle (must pull ice fast)


‚ÄčThis portable ice machine is a good value portable ice machine. Its price point is lower than most of our recommended products so if you are looking to save a buck or two this is a good buy. While a good value you will be sacrificing some quality and it is critical to read the warranty from where you are purchasing. Amazon offers a four-year protection plan, at the time of writing this through Asurion LLC, that might be worth the investment. A lot of customers have complained about the machines breaking down after a couple of months. Overall though its hard to find to many flaws with this portable ice maker and the price point makes it a viable option to put in your kitchen. 

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