NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker

NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker: Worth the Splurge?

​As one of the most highly rated portable ice makers on Amazon, the NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker has tempted many a buyer with its promise of convenience. This ice maker is designed to work ideally in compact spaces, such as camper trailers or dorm rooms, and has an extensive list of excellent features – features that are also responsible for making the NewAir AI 100R one of the most expensive 28-pound portable ice makers on the market. That hasn’t deterred thousands of people from choosing this model, but before you buy, take a look at some of the pros and cons of the NewAir Ice Maker. For our full portable ice maker guide check it out here!

NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker

​NewAir Portable Ice Maker Features

The AI-100R comes in five colors: black, red, gray, cyan blue, and vermillion orange. Choose one that matches your style, and then enjoy features such as:


Up to 28 pounds of ice can be produced in a day. Three ice size settings make it easy to get everything you would want out of the machine. Whether you need smaller ice for filling a cooler, or larger cubes for chilling your drink, you can get it all in one with the NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker. The automatic overflow protection feature ensures that no human error will cause a malfunction when filling the ice maker.

In the AI 100R, NewAir has attempted to create the perfect portable ice maker for smaller spaces, and for many users, this is as close as it gets. The ice maker weighs just under 25 pounds and can hold 176 ounces of water at a given time.​


The slim, compact design is perfect for small places. Bring it on your boat or even on a road trip. The LED control panel is easy to see and use. There is a side-mounted drain that is a perfect clean-up feature. Just pull the plug, and any remaining water drains out into the side mount to disperse. NewAir's Portable Ice Maker is eco-friendly because it uses R-134A refrigerant, which is not harmful to the ozone layer. Finally, the ice bin is removable, so you can quickly pass the ice around or make a lot and freeze more cubes for the day.


There’s no installation needed with the NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker. You just plug it in and add water. This ice maker does include a warranty to replace the device if it breaks. Depending on where you buy the product you have the option for extended warranty as well. Check out warranty options here!

​Potential Drawbacks to the AI-100R

Despite all these amazing features, there are some things that may cause problems for some users. Potential drawbacks to consider include:

At 28 pounds, this machine may be too heavy for some users to move as easily as other smaller ice maker models. From start to finish, each ice cycle takes approximately 15 minutes. That may not seem like much, but similar products from brands like Igloo can pop out a full bin of ice in only six minutes.

While NewAir’s customer service tends to be top notch, a significant portion of reviews on their site, as well as on Amazon and other third-party seller websites, reveal that defective ice makers are frequently received. The good news is that the return process is easy and most reviews mention that the replacement maker they received worked perfectly.

The Verdict

The NewAir AI 100R Portable Ice Maker consistently rates as one of the best products for its size range, and there’s no question why. Despite the slightly longer ice cycle, and the small chance that you may have to deal with returns at least once, the fact is NewAir's AI 100R can out-perform any ice maker in this size range. If you travel frequently, love to camp, or simply have a small home and a wish to conserve space, this portable ice maker is an excellent addition to your kitchen. The AI-100R does not get our best-valued award in the 30 pounds or less category, but it easily is the best product in the category.


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