Best Portable Pizza Ovens


I’m sure that, like us at Your Kitchen Zone, you find one of the most enjoyable nights of the week to be pizza night.

Many people associate pizza night with movie watching, family time, and an easy cook meal.

However, the traditional oven may not cook your pizza in the way it should be cooked.

Pizzerias tend to have special ovens using fire as a heat source.

The brick-oven taste people crave when thinking of pizzas comes from the use of fire-based ovens. You also need a good backing stone and an extremely high temperature.

Gas and electric ovens are not able to reach the extreme temperature needed to give you the overall “authentic” pizza experience.

If you have the brick-oven taste in your mouth using a home oven, you may not call for pizza delivery ever again.

When you have mastered the correct cooking of pizza at home, it is tempting to eat pizza wherever you go.

A portable pizza oven can be moved from your home to your friend’s home, to a tailgate party and even on a camping trip.

The ideal portable pizza oven is a lightweight option that reaches the ideal temperature and can be easily set up.

Some of these pizza ovens are designed for outdoors but can be used indoors.

Before using the oven, it is essential that you review the specifications to ensure it has all the desired features.


What Should I Consider Before Buying a Portable Pizza Oven?

The majority of people have specific requirements when shopping for a portable pizza oven.

Most want something easy to use and simple, as well as being able to carry it to a party or camping site.

Moreover, different features are required if you plan to cook the pizza inside or outside the property.

If you are planning on camping or going to a tailgate party, it is important to consider the oven set up time and its overall weight.

You should also consider where you will be cooking, how you will be cooking, and how much you will be cooking before making a commitment.


#1: The Versatility

If you plan to cook pizza at home, it may be best to purchase a pizza oven that cooks pizza exclusively. In this situation, a portable pizza oven can be considered a feature in outdoor cooking areas.

Pizza is typically cooked once the oven is preheated.

A preheated oven means quicker cooking times making it easier to cook for large groups or families in a short period of time. If you are heading off on a camping trip, it is recommended you purchase a pizza oven with versatility.

There are various oven models available with the ability to cook desserts, vegetables and breads.

This type of oven is useful because you can get more from one item when heading to a tailgate party or a camping site.

  • Works with a plethora of different foods
  • Cooks the food quickly
  • Can be used independently without any grill or stove


#2: The Oven Portability

The key to moving your pizza oven from one place to another is portability.

Certain models are heavier in weight and can take time to set up. Examples of these include ovens with ceramic cooking stones as cooking stones increase weight.

However, the key to a crispy pizza texture is even cooping.

You can look for specific features, but even cooking makes the oven easier to transport.

Smaller, compact models with small handles can be highly beneficial.

Ovens with minimal pieces are also easier to transport.

Legs on the oven increases the ease of transportation and placement in locations where there are no countertops. The legs ensure the oven is raised from a surface without causing damage.

Many ovens must be assembled once they are received and can be transported without taking it apart.

  • Lightweight oven
  • Simple design
  • Legs to allow for use in any location


#3: The Cooking Time And Oven Size

The overall size of an oven is significant when travelling.

Certain measurements need to be considered to accommodate the size of the pizza being cooked.

Some ovens can only accommodate twelve-inch pizzas; whereas others can accommodate pizzas to a maximum of sixteen-inches.

If you are planning on feeding a large group, such as your family, it may be better to opt for larger ovens.

It is also important to consider the cooking time.

Customized pizza ovens will preheat in approximately fifteen minutes and have a cooking time of around five minutes.

Using this oven, you can easily cook pizza after pizza without waiting for half an hour (as is the case with a traditional oven).

Small pizzas are not difficult to manage as they can be cooked quickly, as well as cooking several pizzas at once.

  • Examine the oven’s overall size to ensure it packs well for trips and can fit in a backyard
  • Consider the size of the ceramic baking stone
  • Review pizza preheating and cooking times


#4: The Ease Of Use

When using a portable pizza oven, it is important that you consider the environment.

Large grills and wood pellets can be beneficial when cooking at home, but they are an inconvenient addition when on the move.

For tailgate parties or camping sites, it is recommended that you use a pizza oven running on propane.

This makes the oven easy to use in any location. Small propane tanks are also easy to pack if you plan on travelling over long distances.

  • Consider where you will be using the pizza oven
  • Review the type of fuel used
  • Consider if the fuel source can be easy transported


#5: The Oven Temperature

The traditional brick-oven taste is achieved by using high temperatures for cooking.

Some pizza oven models can reach in excess of 900 degrees Fahrenheit, but the average temperature is approximately 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your oven can reach high temperatures, it is often within a short amount of time.

You need to be cautious when inserting and removing the pizza. Furthermore, the cooking temperature should be even allowing the pizza crust to cook well.

Certain models have separate bottom and top heating features to ensure the pizza is cooked at the correct rate.

You might need to rotate the pizza during cooking if the oven presents with an open door.

  • Using a cooking stone to distribute heat evenly
  • High temperatures are achieved quickly to help with effective cooking
  • Rotation of the pizza may be required
  • Both bottom and top heating gauges and controls are available on certain models
  • A moisture vent can assist in keeping the pizza crispy and evenly cooked



The pizza can be bubbling, fresh and very crispy when cooked correctly.

Traditional kitchen ovens are not able to cook the crust correctly resulting in a call for pizza delivery to have a tastier meal.

However, even pizza delivery options leave something to be desired.

When sitting in a car, the crispiness of the pizza can diminish.

Moreover, it will not be as hot when it reaches your door.

Using portable pizza ovens, you can enjoy fresh pizza when travelling or at home.


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