food processor

Many of us are of the impression that food processors and blenders are very similar. They do share common traits, but there's a big difference between the two. Food processors use interchangeable blades and disks unlike a blender that uses a fixed blade. Also, their bowls are shorter and wider making them ideal for semi solid foods. They do not need as much or any liquid for the food to move around the blade, as is the case with a blender. 

Coffee makers are machines used to brew coffee and are a common sight not just in households, but almost all offices across the country. There are plenty of different kinds of coffee makers that use different brewing techniques. In most settings, coffee grounds are placed in a filter inside a funnel which is placed over a coffee pot.  Cold water is poured in, which is heated and sent to the funnel. Learn more through our reviews. 

For home use, ice makers come in two formats: built-in into the refrigerator or portable ice-makers. Even if you've got an ice-maker attached to your refrigerator, you could always use a portable machine for outdoor activities and I personally love to use mine when I go on fishing trips with my friends. The ice maker performs double duty, giving us a nice supply of ice for our drinks, and we also use some of it to cool the fish. 

Under the Counter Ice Maker

If you've got plenty of wine or you're planning on storing some wine so that it ages well, a wine refrigerator can be your friend. You could place wine bottles on their side, allowing the cork to remain moist while the temperature and humidity is controlled. This allows your wine to age perfectly, and anyone who loves their wine knows how important the ageing process is. 

Whether you're looking for a large dishwasher for a family or a smaller dishwasher for a single person, you're sure to find the right option for your home, right here on Your Kitchen Zone. We've reviewed some of the most sought after dishwashers, most of them are found online, but for the others you're going to have to call customer care to find a local dealer. 

The knife is not a tool, but an extension of the hands of every good chef. Check out our reviews to find the perfect knife for every purpose. The reviews do not just look at the knives from a performance point of view, but they also take a deep look at their handling, whether they're ideal for left-handed chefs and a lot of other intricate details you may not consider.

front view of best electric can opener

If you suffer from arthritis or some other physical condition that makes the use of a manual can opener difficult, the electric counterpart can be a lifesaver. Using one of these appliances you can now get a can opened with the push of a button, yup, that easy!

best water filter for faucet

Water faucet filters are very easy to install and you could literally do it within minutes with a little DIY experience. They filter out trace minerals such as chlorine, fluoride and lime from the water as well as other impurities. This equals tasty water!

Brieftons NextGen Spiralizer

Food sliders are the perfect tool if you're looking for a quick way to chop your veggies and meat uniformly. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen you're probably an expert and chop uniformly, but when it comes to cutting large quantities, a food slicer can save you valuable time.