Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Wine Refrigerators for Home Use?


If you have a fondness for wine and multiple people living in the house it’s easy to run out of space in your fridge, but some wine really should be enjoyed cold.

Luckily there are many different types of wine refrigerators (for home use) available.

In this article, at Your Kitchen Zone, we are going to discuss refrigerators that come in a variety of sizes but most are about the same size as your freezer and come with actual bottle racks to help you keep your wine organized.



Types of Wine Fefrigerators


Single Zone Cooling

Designed for people with a simple wine collection, these wine refrigerators only have one cooling zone and one temperature control.


Dual Zone Cooling

These wine refrigerators feature two separate areas with individual temperature controls.

This is ideal for people who want to keep whites and reds at different temperatures.


Built In Wine Coolers

Ideal for smaller spaces and design purists, built in wine coolers can be installed into any existing cabinet.

First time buyers should stick with a small single zone cooling refrigerator.

Some companies also sell triple zone wine refrigerators but these are rarely as high quality.



Best Wine Refrigerators in 2019


#1 – NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Wine Cooler

Holding up to 28 bottles on its six removable chromium shelves, the NewAir AW-281E is a beautiful single zone refrigerator.

It’s thermoelectric coolant system is utterly silent and doesn’t use any extra oscillation, ensuring the safety of your wine.

Changing the temperature is easy using the digital control panel on the side of the refrigerator. Double paned glass protects your wine collection from harmful UV rays.

This is the biggest wine cooler on the list but it does have the drawback of only providing one temperature zone. Still, most people will find this wine cooler ideal for their uses.


#2 – Avanti EWC1601B 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Perfect for the wine enthusiast who doesn’t have a lot of space, this single zone refrigerator uses curved wire racks to keep sixteen bottles properly sorted.

Temperature is displayed with an LED interior light and cooling is done with a thermoelectric system that allows this wine cooler to remain pleasantly quiet.

You shouldn’t be able to hear it at all in most situations.


#3 – EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler

If you want to be able to store your reds and whites at different temperatures, this stylish wine refrigerator is one of your best options.

The lower chamber has a cooling range from 55F to 65F while the upper cooling chamber has a cooling range from 45F to 65F.

Unlike other water coolers of a similar size the EdgeStar Stainless Steel Wine Cooler uses a thermoelectric cooling system, using less power and creating less sound.

The EdgeStar 21 Bottle Dual Zone Stainless Steel Wine Cooler also has scalloped and removable chrome shelves, making it perfect for storing all types of liquor.


#4 – Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Looking for something a little shorter than the EdgeStar?

This dual zone wine cooler features an upper cooling chamber with a range between 55F and 65F and a lower chamber with temperatures ranging between 45F and 65F.

You can adjust the temperature using the central control panel which also displays the temperature in both zones at any given time.

A safety lock and soft LED lights help keep your wine safe for extended periods of time and the thermoelectric cooling system is so quiet you won’t even know it’s there.


#5 – SPT WC-2461H Double Door Dual Zone Thermal-Electric 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

Do you have lots of room?

Want to keep a large collection of chilled wine you can serve up on a whim? This double door dual zone cooler is perfect for keeping your reds and your whites at just the right temperatures all the time.

This cooling unit also actually comes with an internal heating unit ideal for colder climates as cold temperatures can ruin wine just as easily as heat. All 10 shelves can be removed for easy cleaning.

Ideally this wine cooler should be kept in a dark space with at least 4-6 inches around it on all sides to keep it from overheating. You can adjust temperature in both zones using their individual touch pads.


#6 – Sunpentown 20 Bottle Thermo-Electric Wine Cooler

This single zone wine cooler has a variable range of 55F to 65F and a tinted double paned glass door to keep everything inside at a uniform temperature.

The shelves slide easily so it’s simple to choose the right wine every time and you can comfortably fit 20 bottles.

It also comes with a safety lock and platinum edging.

Like all the best wine coolers, the Sunpentown uses a thermoelectric cooler to keep your wine safe from vibrations.

This also means it’s a very quiet machine.

Keep this wine cooler in a cool, dark area for the best effects.


#7 – Whynter WC-16S SNO 16 Bottle Wine Cooler

Compact but powerful, this counter-friendly wine cooler holds 16 bottles on its detachable scalloped chrome racks(these are also great for holding other types of bottles).

It uses thermoelectric cooling to keep its single chamber between 55F and 65F without making a sound.

A blue LED light illuminates your wine collection without exposing it to potentially harmful UV rays.

For the cooler to work at its maximum effectiveness you should keep this cooler standing at least 4 inches away from walls/other objects and in a dark, cool room.

A wine cooler is a great investment for any wine lover. Once you’ve found the perfect wine cooler you’ll start to wonder how you ever did without it—and within a couple years you might just find that the first one you bought is too small.

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