June 7, 2017

Father’s Day Gift 2017

Finding the perfect Father's Day gift 2017 for your dad is no easy task. We have put together a list of favorite items for Dad's around the kitchen (our expertise area) to try and help you find the right gift for pops.

​Finding the Right Father's Day Gift 2017 For Your Dad-

It is true that a homemade gift is more personal than a purchased gift. However, buying a gift can be just as personal if you there is evident thought and consideration that goes into the gift. That is why it is important to think about what your dad enjoys, his hobbies, and personality and get him a gift tailored specifically for him.

We have taken some time to come up with types of dad categories. We then spent time thinking of unique and great ways gifts that show thought and are tailored to his needs.

Types of Fathers-

  • Rugged Outdoors- Nothing is better for this dad than being outdoors and in nature. This dad is probably superb with his hands and loves making things from scratch. While you see two trees and dirt ground he sees a campfire and the perfect place to hang a hammock. For these dads you can also check out our knives guide.
  • Super Chef- This dad bucks the stereotypes and loves to cook. He is always in the kitchen or outside grilling making the perfect breakfast, lunch, or dinner. He takes pride in his family cleaning the plates and asking for seconds! This entire website is perfect for this dad but you can also check out our processors guide that is great for every chef. 
  • On the Go Dad- This father has a lot on his plate and is always running around to make everyone happy. Six different sports practices, three dance lessons, PTA meeting, and work all in one week? Not a problem for this daddy he gets everyone everywhere and on time.
  • Nerd Dad- You know that one time you walked downstairs and stumbled upon your dad's role playing game with his friends? If something like this has happened to you well, you have a nerd dad. Video games, fantasy movies, comic books, and role playing are all fair game for this geek dad!
  • Finer Things Dad- Also known as the FTD this dad loves the more beautiful things. Sitting down in front a fireplace with a good bottle of scotch and sculptured ice cubes is the perfect night for this father. Need to know a good wine pairing for dinner ask this dad and you will not only get a recommendation but probably his wine notes and flavor guide to the wine as well.

Your dad is likely to be a blend of 2 or more of these wonder father figures. We have given our labels for each gift on which dad will enjoy each gift! Let us know of any other suggestion to add in the comments section!

Fathers Day Gifts 2017-

Ahhh starting it right of with what can only be described as the perfect man-boy toy! Boys like their toys and well daddies are just an enormous boys and will act boyish opening this gift.

We highlight one of a unique drone kits with the POWERUP FPV Paper Airplane VR Drone Kit. This kit puts you in the cockpit of a paper airplane with smartphone virtual reality goggles. If you have ever wanted to control and know what it is like to fly in a paper airplane this drone gives you answers.

Perfect for- Outdoors Dad can get the perfect shot of his hike or campsite or even scout ahead with the remote control
​Perfect for- Nerd Dad will love all the fantasy like features and will fly the drone around the neighborhood acting out a scene from Star Wars.

Fathers Day 2017 Chiller

This HyperChiller has become my favorite item in the kitchen right now. The whole concept behind the product is that you can put any liquid inside it for only 1 minute, and it will cool the liquid as if you have added 30 ice cubes to it. It is ideal for iced coffee like the name suggests but also for white wines, (looking at you Finer Things Dad) soda pop, and scotch. Without having to use ice cubes to chill your drink, there is no water dilution to the process.

Perfect for- Finer Things Dad to chill his scotch or white wine.
Perfect for- On the Go Dad to chill and cool drinks faster and not slow down.

Fathers Day Gift 2017 Book

This book holy cow. A New York Times best selling complete meat- and brisket-cooking education from the country's most celebrated pitmaster and owner of the wildly popular Austin restaurant Franklin Barbecue. This book is for all dads even the Super Chef Dad who already knows his way around a grill. There is so much great information about grilling, meats, and sauces all dads will appreciate it. There is even an Audible addition for the On-the-Go Dad to listen in the car.

Perfect for- All Dads even remotely think about cooking once in a while

Fathers Day Gift 2017 Watch

A watch is way low on the unique scale for fathers day, but Misfit has nailed this watch. The sleek and elegant design will even have the Finer Things Dad impressed. With an app downloaded to any smartphone the watch tracks steps, calories, controls your music player, takes selfies, and gives phone and text alerts. Nerd Dads will geek out to all the features while on the go dad can save time and headaches using the watch and warnings. This watch is amazing.

Perfect for- Finer Things Dad luxury watch with a great design what else can we say.
Perfect For- On the Go Dad the app and watch make life much easier for the busy dad.
Perfect For- Nerd Dad its a smart watch that connects to the app its nerd heaven.

Hopefully, these ideas will at a minimum get you on the right path to helping you find the right gift for you dad. Don't forget a humorous card or personalized card go a long way as well and pair perfectly with your gift. Enjoy Fathers day all!


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