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Woks are special cooking pans with rounded bottoms that are used primarily for preparing Asian dishes.

While they are popular for stir-frying, they also can be used for a variety of other cooking purposes, ranging from deep frying and searing to steaming and poaching.

Today, many people are turning to electric woks rather than traditional stovetop woks. Electric models provide quite a few advantages, which is why it is worth considering purchasing one for your kitchen.

The earliest woks originated in China during the Han Dynasty between 206 BC and 220 AD. Since that time, the basic design has stayed pretty much the same.

One thing that has changed, however, is how the heat for cooking is provided.

Originally, woks were heated in a fire, allowing them to reach high temperatures that were ideal for stir-frying food.

Today, however, people primarily rely on one of two heating methods: they either keep the wok on the stove or they use an electric wok that plugs into an outlet.

While stovetop woks are popular, they may not be the best choice, depending on your cooking preferences and lifestyle.

In this article, at Your Kitchen Zone, we will discuss the benefits of Electric Woks over stove-top models:


1. Easy to clean

Electric woks come with a nonstick surface that makes them incredibly easy to clean.

Washing them out is a breeze, meaning that you can cook dinner and clean up quickly without having to invest a lot of time in the process.

Some models even come with removable bowls that are dishwasher safe.

The same can’t be said for stovetop woks. Woks like these need to be seasoned, which takes a lot of time.

When you first start using them, however, food tends to stick to the surface, which makes them difficult to clean.


2. You don’t need a stove

With a traditional wok, you need to have a stove or outside heat source.

That means that they can only be used in well-equipped kitchens.

Electric woks, on the other hand, can be used anywhere that you have access to an electrical outlet.

That makes them a great choice for small apartments, dorm rooms, camping, or situations where you may not have access to a full kitchen.

When summer temperatures rise, you can also use the wok to cook your dinner outside to keep from making your home any hotter.


3. Even heating

When you heat a wok on a stove-top, certain parts of the pan can become hotter than others.

With electric woks, however, the heat is even across the surface, providing more consistent cooking results.

Electric woks provide many benefits over stove-top models.

If you are thinking of purchasing a wok for your kitchen, it is worth looking into electric models.

Not only are they easy to use and clean but they also do an excellent job of cooking food, making them the ultimate kitchen gadget.

You may be surprised by how often you reach for your wok for making dinner once you purchase one of these convenient, affordable pans.


FAQ – Electric Woks


Q. Should I expect to use my electric wok a lot?

A. If you intend to use your electric wok a few times per week, you’d better choose a premium model.

Cheaper woks aren’t that durable, so you’ll have to replace it too soon to be worth the effort.

However, if you think you won’t be using your wok more than a few times per year, you should be find with any of the cheaper models.


Q. Would it be better to buy an electric wok rather than a standard one?

A. Electric woks are way more expensive than standard ones. This is why you should carefully consider whether you really need one.

If you want to benefit from the portability of an electric wok, you’ll surely be better off with this option.

Similarly, if you have an electric stove but you’re keen on using a round-bottom wok, you’ll need to purchase an electric one.

The reason is simple: round-bottom woks and electric stoves aren’t compatible.


Q. How many people will I be able to cook for?

A. Electric woks come in many sizes. If you only need to cook for one or two people, you should probably get a smaller one.

A wok with a capacity of five quarts would be just fine.

However, if you want to cook for lots of people, you’ll have to buy a wok with at least six-quart capacity.


Q. What type of meals will I prepare?

A. If you want to try your hand at traditional Chinese meals or to prepare the perfect stir fries, you should get a round-bottom wok.

This is the favorite shape of Chinese people since ancient times.

For best results, follow their example.

If you want to use your wok to cook a wide variety of foods, you may be just fine with either a flat- or round-bottom one.



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