What are the Best Coffee Makers with Grinder?



As I’m sure you already know, as we do at Your Kitchen Zone, there many different ways to make coffee of which none are more common than drip coffee or espresso.

Most Americans, and others across the world, look for that “pick me up” before work early in the morning.

It’s no secret that fresh grounds and a well-crafted brew makes for amazing cups of coffee.

However, at 6 am when running late for work and still without a caffeine “pick me up” convenience is often sacrificed for ease of use and availability (looking at you Keurig).

The good news is 2-n-1’s, or the best coffee maker with grinder, is the perfect comprise between convenience and quality (Guide: Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder).


Pros of a Coffee Maker:

  • Cost Savings – Buying a good grinder can take a hit to your wallet and getting a good coffee maker will not help either. When you buy a coffee maker with a grinder built-in, it will only be one investment instead of two. Most of the times this will save you some cash on your overall investment
  • Fresh Grinds –We have a couple of articles on the importance of maintaining and how to keep your coffee beans fresh (READ: Best Coffee Grinder Guide). When the grinder is built-in the grounds will not lose its aroma or solubles since the grounds will be fresh and made at the same time the pot of coffee or espresso gets made. 
  • Programming – This is why you get a coffee maker with a grinder built-in. Nothing is better than touching a couple of buttons at night and waking up to freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee in the morning. The best coffee maker with a grinder most likely is programmable, and we make sure into include programmability into your grading for you.
  • Ease of Use – When making coffee at home without a Keurig it can seem a bit daunting. Just the grinding of whole beans can be overwhelming with finding the right grinder for your brew, using the right settings, and so on. 2-in-1 coffee makers with grinders take the guesswork out. They know the ideal setting of grind (the right size for the style of coffee the maker makes, i.e., drip or espresso) and come out of the factory with that setup already in place, so you don’t have to know or worry about it.

Cons of a Coffee Maker:

  • Lack of Customization – Having a separate quality burr grinder allows you to make multiple different types of coffee biased of grind size. In the mood for a french press change the grinder settings to coarse, and you make your french press. Coffee makers with grinders don’t allow for too much deviation from optimal settings for that grinder. The mill’s range is insufficient, and the ability to do very fine to extremely coarse are not typically options on these types of mills.
  • Harder to clean – With two separate appliances it is easier to break down one and clean it as needed. When you combine the two machines, it makes it harder to clean just one and so you will usually clean both, and it becomes a much larger project.
  • Can lose two appliances at once – If the machine breaks or something stops working on the coffee maker, there is a good chance that you might lose both your grinder and coffee machine all at once and have a larger purchase ahead of you to replace the appliance.



#1 – Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control

 There is a reason almost every single site that reviews this machine has it at #1.

This burr coffee grinder and coffee maker combo is the perfect blend of programmability, design, and performance.

The price tag reflects the quality but its worth it.

  • Programmability – The Breville Grind Control allows you to chose from 8 different strength setting (water to coffee ratio), it has a carafe and single cup modes, and auto starts feature that allows you to have machine start brewing automatically at the time you chose. You can also disable the grind function to allow for pregrinds if you already have pre-ground coffee ready. The best part about the programmability of this grinder is burr grinder itself. There are sixty different grind settings that you have at your fingertips so finding the right size grind for your brew will not be an issue outside of extremely fine and extremely coarse grinds. This machine easily gets a 10 out of 10 for Programmability.
  • Design – The design of the Breville Grind Control feels like every single complaint that we have had about other coffee makers was considered when designing this coffee maker. The bean hopper holds half a pound of whole beans with the grind adjustment knob easily accessible and ready to use. The water tank holds 60oz of water or 12 cups of 5 ounces. The size of the container is one of the larger tanks for a coffee maker with a grinder on the list. Lastly, the high for a cup pour if you are cup mode allows for 7.5” inches to fit under the pour nozzle. That is plenty big for most travel size mugs. Again with as much scrutinizing as we can (hate to give out 10s) the Beville gets a 10 out of 10 for Design.
  • Performance – Breville’s Grind Control flat makes a good cup of coffee once you get the setting of the grinder and strength to your preferred cup of joe. We found it a bit difficult to change the grinder setting to get the right coarseness we were looking for, and that is one of the few reasons it doesn’t quite earn a ten in performance. The only other issue we had in the performance department was that there is no heating plate. The carafe is insulated and keeps the coffee warm for a while, but without a heating plate, you do not maintain the ideal temperature for coffee as long as we would like. We give it 8 out of 10 on Performance.
  • Overall – there is very little to complain about the Breville Grind Control coffee maker with grinder. It brews a great cup of coffee, has a top of the line burr grinder that keeps consistent grinds, and comes with a price tag that is worth the value such a powerful machine.




#2 – Cuisinart DGB-650BC Grind and Brew

This coffee maker is on our list as the best-valued coffee maker with grinder.

If you have a tight budget or looking to save a penny this machine is the perfect compromise.

While the machine could use some polishing overall (a couple of performance and design upgrades) for your dollar, it still brews a great cup of coffee.

  • Programmability – The Cuisinart allows for a 24-hour program, meaning anytime you want to program the Cuisinart to brew it will. You can set the size and gives you a 1 to 4 extraction option. It took us some time to get used to the settings and even though we are male we had to take a couple of minutes to look through the manual to get a handle on the programming. Once we felt comfortable with the everything playing with tones on the timer, a unique feature, was lots of fun and a nice feature. One programming miss is the fact that you cannot change the temperature settings. A couple of reviews on Amazon has some complaints about the temperature of the coffee not being hot enough. Programming 8.5 out of 10.
  • Design – The design of this machine makes putting in your grinds, pouring in water, and brewing easy. It comes with a gold-toned filter basket that is rated for commercial use and dishwasher friendly. The grinder has an on/off function if you want to use pre-ground coffee beans. The grinder is, however, plastic and does leave somethings to be desired; we wish it had more grind settings. The hotplate is an excellent addition and makes a glass carafe an option. The button and display are plain but get the job done and are easy to use once you understand how to use them. Design- 8 out of 10
  • Performance – Keep in mind when it comes to performance there are coffee makers that are more than this combo, and there are grinders more than this combo. With that said the plastic mill surprised us. It still does not compare to a burr or even metal blade grinder, but it exceeded our very very low expectations. The temperature that we measured immediately after the brew was 162 which is below than our ideal temp (more than likely doesn’t get hot enough during the brewing process) leading us to believe some of the comments on Amazon about temperature to be true. Even with all these complaints though this coffee maker and grinder produced a robust cup of coffee and when you take into effect that price it taste even better. If this machine cost more it would score lower on performance but its overall value gives it- Performance 9 out of 10
  • Overall – Dollar for dollar this is one of the better coffee makers with a grinder. We were able to get a decent cup of coffee over and over again with little hassle. The heating plate and carafe work well enough to keep coffee warm for hours giving you the freedom to program and brew your coffee without waiting for it to finish. There are some better quality machines out there for sure but value wise there is not a lot better.


#3 – Capresso 464.05 CoffeeTeam GS 10-Cup Digital Coffeemaker with Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso’s CoffeeTeam is one of the better coffee makers with a grinder.

For those of you who want a heating plate and don’t want to invest in a thermal carafe for the Breville, this is an excellent option.

The conical burr grinding system in the Capresso produced similar or better results than most other grinder combos, and that leads to a good cup of joe.

  • Programmability – The display and buttons are big, well laid out, and easy to use. You can program the time and have the brewing system start anytime you chose. You get the option of 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 and you can set the brew strength to mild, medium, or strong. We wish there were more grinding settings like the 60 you get with Breville but you have the option of five grind settings. You can also program how long you want the warming plate to keep the coffee hot for up to two hours before there is an automatic shut off function. One small issue that we found as well you can program the size of the brew you would like and when you would like it to start. The machine will grind and use the correct amount of beans, but it will use all the water in reserve. So even if you say two cups but have 10 cups in the water tank 10 cups of water will be brewed, and you will more than likely wake up to a mess. Programmability- 8 out of 10
  • Design – We love the design of this coffee maker. With that said let us get to the small complaints we have and then talk about all the good. The first issue is that you must use the carafe that comes with the machine and if you want to change from the glass model to the stainless steel they are different sizes and are not compatible. Outside of that small issue, the glass carafe worked well, was sturdy, and did its job. The heating plate is a bonus and will keep your coffee at a warm temperature the entire duration it is on. The bean hopper is a good size and can be disabled to use pre-ground coffee. The coffee maker also comes with a filtration system that works wonders and eliminates unwanted impurities during the brewing process. Design- 9 out of 10
  • Performance – The coffee brewing temperature was perfect. Again with built-in grinding coffee makers, we are not able to measure the actual brewing temperature but only the final product once it has immediately left the maker. On all our brews though the temperature was a steady 175-182. The conical grinder performed exceptionally well but is limited in sizes (stays in the middle of the grinding spectrum nothing too fine or too coarse). The grinders were uniform and fed well into the hopper. The cup of coffee had excellent flavor and aroma from the brewing process. If the grinder were a bit more versatile, this coffee maker would score a perfect ten but if you are only going to be using the grinder for drip coffee that is no problem. Performance- 9.5 out of 10
  • Overall –This coffee maker is well built and for those of you looking to buy a built-in grinder and only use it for drip coffee and not a french press or expresso this machine is perfect. With the addition to the hot plate many might like this machine even more than our over best performer. With an affordable price to boot its easy to see why it makes our best coffee maker with grinder list.
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